Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphones

Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphones


Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesThe company Xiaomi is known that produces high quality products, the price is much lower than the competitors, but better. That’s why equipment of this producer is getting good reviews in Russia. In this regard, we decided to do a review of Xiaomi AirDots headphone that can compete with the most famous models, but there are not many. Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition is often compared to Apple AirPods, but is it really a valid comparison? Whether such a budget device to provide the same as the creation of the Apple? Now we shall understand.

The package

The gadget comes in a plain white box. In addition to the headphones, includes a special cover charge. This case is very important because without it the headphones would work too little. Also in the box you’ll find the micro-USB cable and a replaceable vacuum nozzle headphone. A separate device for charging is not all that there is a small lace. But in modern reality it is not such a big problem, because on a similar principle now equipped with all the devices.
Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesAnother thing is that the manufacturer decided to use to charge the old standard MicroUSB, while all other companies have already managed to move on to new and practical USB Type-C. of Course, neither the sound nor comfort is not affected, but I would like to see what the developers have equipped the product with the latest technology.


And headphones, charger and case have a similar design. They are made of white plastic. But this is the standard version, and you can also find the version with the black colour. As it turned out, many users are impressed by this color.
Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesFrom the back side of the headphone surface slightly ribbed. It is worth considering that it’s not just the outside of the housing, and the touch control panel. Next with a silicone cap you can see a special infrared sensor. It is needed in order for the device to know when the user wears headphones, and when shoots. The sides are microphones that provide active noise cancellation.

As for the case, it is very convenient and compact. It is easy to put earphone, and the lid opens and closes with one motion. Even closed, the case looks quite nice, just hinting at the quality of performance of the device. In the hands of the case seems to be very ergonomic and tactile.

Sync with your smartphone and control

Connect the headphones to the smartphone is easy enough. For this you just need to put them in the case, and then take them out and start with a smartphone search for new devices. Nothing complicated, just find a device called AirDots and connect. Any other headphones that connect via Bluetooth, require the user about the same set of actions, so it makes no sense to do a full review on conjugation. But in this setting, the model has fallen behind its Apple counterpart, which can be connected for a few seconds, as if by magic. The peculiarity lies in the fact that you first need to pair between headphones and then connect this pair to the smartphone. AirPods, in turn, works differently, each headphone has its own connection to the phone.

As for the quality of the pairing, there is almost no complaints. Of course, sometimes the connection still gets lost, but this sin all wireless devices, not just headphones.AirDots sometimes stutter when switching tracks. You can fix this by just changing the song.

Where the big issue is out of sync headphones. Again, this is not an individual problem AirDots with any other wireless headset one can experience such problems. If this happens, there is an option to just reset the device, but this method works not always. In principle, desync can be used, so the problem is not as critical as many think.
Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesManagement to have AirDots all quite simple and very convenient. As already mentioned, on the outer side of the housing of the wireless headphone is a full touch control panel. Thus, to put the music on pause in a simple touch to the body. As for switching tracks or changing volume, it is done on the screen of the phone or other device with which the headphones are paired. It may seem that the possibilities of control are very limited, but it’s really very convenient and practical than a complicated system with tons of features.

AirDots accept a few gestures. To put music on pause, you need to touch the body once, two taps activates the next track, and back, you need to tap three times. If the headset is in the standby mode, the value of the gesture is slightly different. Clicking on the case twice will call up the voice assistant. But if someone called just by touching the headset, you will be ready to answer the call. Two clicks, in this case, it will mean refusing the call.

Really uncomfortable that there is no possibility to adjust the volume. To add or subtract to the sound, it is necessary to climb in a pocket behind the phone.


Not to say that AirDots problems with the sound quality, but nothing special to be expected. On the market there are many models that provide music playback at times brighter, but they are more expensive. In addition, the main feature of this model is wireless. It is not surprising that wired headphones sound better.
Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesReally pleased with the sound of a fairly large volume. As for orientation, the device is not tuned for a particular type of music, it is quite neutral. This does not mean that all tracks play the same way. If the composition involves powerful bass you can feel them. But if you still need something, will have to go into the equalizer and adjust the sound for yourself.

Unfortunately, not without wheezing. I would like to get the sound cleaner, but if you remember the price of the headphones, it becomes difficult to criticize them. This is a budget option of the wireless device and for the money they recoup fully.


The main thing that should be evaluated to determine how headphones offline – it is the case. He, incidentally, is very compact and lightweight. On the one hand, this is good, because the case gives extra comfort and looks great. When opening and closing the lid, you hear a pleasant click.

But, the main parameter of the case is, of course, the battery. It is built-in battery capacity of 410 mAh. That’s enough to fully recharge headphones three times. Each earphone in turn, installed the batteries of 100 mAh. They can work somewhere 3-3. 5 hours before I have to dip them back in the case. It should be borne in mind that the figures suggest listening to music at a volume 70%. This is not a limit of dreams, but quite satisfactory on the whole day listening to music a fully charged case will suffice.
Review Xiaomi AirDots – cheap and quality wireless headphonesBy the way, to charge the case, you will need to spend about two hours. If you consider that the battery capacity is rather small, it is very long. Headphones case charging about 40 minutes, and this is quite a good result.


Find wireless headphones is pretty easy, but inexpensive and good models on the market is very small. That is why AirDots are in such high demand. The main competitors to Xiaomi in this area is Elari NanoPods, Meizu POP. But it AirDots is the most popular, because people have the manufacturer has been associated with inexpensive, but very good quality goods.

Another thing that is not to say that these headphones are opposed with the creation of Apple. Here we are talking about a fundamentally different price categories, so model comparison is silly. AirDots should be considered as an inexpensive alternative, and in this way Xiaomi really managed to make a very high quality product.

But this is not the only wireless headphones from Xiaomi. You can also look at the version of Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition. This model is almost two times cheaper, has less autonomy and a different design. Also it has no active noise cancellation, but as a more budget model it is possible to consider this option.