Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019


Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019Range of Apple smartphones is updated annually, which leads to nedoumevanie users worldwide – whether to buy new models and they are better than the previous one. In search of the answer they do reviews and articles on the Internet trying to perform – whether there are new chips so expensive or not. Today we will give you the answer to this question and will try to find out what iPhone is better to buy in 2019. To do this, we analyze the key features of all smartphones Apple, starting with «eight».

iPhone 8

Price: 45 000 rubles

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019iPhone 8 is the optimal solution for those users who prefer the form factor of the representatives of the latest generations of smartphones Apple (7, 6, 5). There is no cutout in the screen that so many people do not like, and the frame is wider than most popular models. However, despite the fact that since the release of iPhone 8 it’s been more than two years, Apple A11 Bionic is still able to cope with any games presented on the market.

The camera also has stood the test of time. The main is the 12-megapixel sensor with aperture F/1.8, which is complemented by autofocus and optical stabilization. It can record video in 4K resolution at 60 FPS that allows you to use the iPhone instead of the camera 8 novice bloggers, and ordinary people, seeking to capture moments from a trip or just bright scenes of life. The pictures differ in detail and decent sharpness across the field of the frame.

Exceptionally good reviews given to the use of glass panels in the back. «Eight» was the first iPhone model, in which the rear cover is made of glass. If from the point of view of reliability of the device responsive slowed down, in terms of aesthetics across the street.

Summary: the gadget can easily buy and two years after release, especially if you are an ardent opponent of the «bangs» and don’t see the point in the newest processor Apple A12 Bionic.

iPhone X

Price: 69 000

Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019With «dozens» outbreak «bangs» at the top of the screen, which have become a headache for many users in 2018. However, this solution allowed us to significantly increase the amount of space allotted to the display. Compared with iPhone 8, «ten» has a much narrower scope and generally from the point of view of design was a real breakthrough for the company.

Another advantage of the model is that it has become the first smartphone Apple, where the role of the main chamber are two sensors, not one. They got the same resolution – 12 MP, as well as help from the optical stabilization. However, despite this, the difference in photo quality between the iPhone X and iPhone 8 is so minimal that you hardly notice.

A distinct advantage of the «tens» lies in the use of AMOLED-matrix. Every gadget she was content with IPS-screen and despite the fact that they were all perfectly calibrated, you can not compare them. Even the naked eye can see that the OLED panels are much brighter and juicier colors, and better contrast levels and saturation.

Summary: Recommend iPhone X those users whose budget allows you to shell out for the device. It’s really interesting and revolutionary, as from the point of view of design and from the point of view of the screen. But in terms of the work of chambers and hardware, the difference between «eight» is minimal. Therefore, if the aesthetic side of the issue you are practically not interested, and IPS-matrix satisfies you, then buying the iPhone 8 you will hardly upset. Don’t forget about the «cutout» in the display, which many hate.

iPhone Xs

Price: 86 000
Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019It is necessary to tell at once – the difference between the iPhone X and iPhone Xs in terms of design at all. The average user will not be able to determine where a gadget, if both are put in front of him. Well, expert or fan of «Apple» products will be able to immediately point out two new plastic recesses for the antenna, one of which is on the bottom and one on top. In fact, the only difference between the two generations lies only in the appearance of the iPhone XS new color – Gold. Note that it gadget really looks impressive and it can be called one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market.

In terms of work Face ID, which is in the «top ten» sometimes inhibited, changes also did not happen, which is a bit strange, given how the company has improved the previous security system – Touch ID. The screen also has not undergone critical changes – it is still high quality with amazing anti-reflective properties, maximum viewing angles, perfect colors and plenty of brightness in reserve.

Performance is one of the few parameters where the difference is noticeable. To replace the Apple A11 Bionic came with the new chipset, at number 12, and the amount of RAM increased from 3 to 4 GB. Only here in this sense no, at least for now, because the old CPU and so drew all games without any problems. Looks much more interesting to increase the maximum amount of memory from 256 GB to 512, and improved moisture protection of the housing. According to the manufacturer, the gadget will withstand even the fall into the pool.

As for the camera, and then the difference is minimal. Two sensors at 12 MP a little better with noise at night time shooting, do not suffer from excessive contrast and show detail at a higher level. However, the increase is so minimal that it can be seen only by careful comparison.

Bottom line: If you have an iPhone X, iPhone XS buy almost no sense. However, if the cost of the gadget will hit your wallet and store the «tens» already Packed to the rafters, then for the sake of more memory and a new processor and slightly better camera you can fork out. Don’t forget about the new colors and improved protection from the water.

iPhone XS Max

Price: 91 000
Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019XS max iPhone is the same iPhone XS, but with a larger display. Here it reaches the diagonal of 6.5 inches with a resolution of 2688 at 1242 pixel, whereas in the conventional version, these figures are 5.8 inches and 2436 on 1125 points. Everything else is the same iPhone XS.

Summary: updated with iPhone XS iPhone XS up to Max – very strange idea. Unless you have an extra hundred thousand in your pocket and you’re too lit display with large dimensions.


Without a doubt, each of Apple’s gadgets is an exemplary smartphone. To date, only a couple of copies on Android can get close to the style and quality that are inherent in smartphones with the «Apple logo».

To say unequivocally which of gadgets to choose, impossible. It all depends on your individual preferences and the size of the purse. If you are a fan of the old form factors, you is fine «eight». If the openings in the screen do not scare you, and the new design and technologically chips speeds up the heartbeat, the iPhone X is what you’re looking for. iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, in our opinion, it looks extremely convincing. They cannot be called revolutionary smartphones, but those features that distinguish the gadgets from the «tens» are so minor that they are not a weighty argument in favor of buying the device. So if you are looking for the optimal solution in terms of price and quality, you get accustomed to the «eight» or the usual «top ten».