Popular washing machine from Xiaomi.

Popular washing machine from Xiaomi.


Popular washing machine from Xiaomi.At the end of last month the company Xiaomi has presented a new washer and dryer Mijia Smart Washing Machine, which began to be sold in early January for about $ 290.

Not surprisingly, the device is in demand, because other companies offer comparable products that cost much more. The entire first batch sold out in 3 minutes, 5 seconds. Sale new batch will start on 18 January, but the owners of the machines have already started to write reviews online.

Popular washing machine from Xiaomi.As it turned out, the lock on the washing machine door can be easily broken, sometimes breakage happens before the start of operation. The device is quite heavy, and when it is set, the lock may already be damaged. Any user smart enough to fix it with superglue on the network has spread jokes about the fact that Xiaomi needs to include it in the package.

Also complain that after downloading the clothes drum sometimes simply does not start to rotate. These problems make you think, and whether Xiaomi generally deal with the production of household appliances?