Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year


Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 yearIn the smartphone market at the moment the situation is tense to the limit. Already gone are the days when Samsung was the undisputed leader. She is now on the heels of colleagues from China, but the craftsmanship that demonstrates the developer of «Apple» products, all of them still far. In order to enable you to become more familiar with the balance of power in the mobile market, we offer you our rating of smartphone manufacturers. Go.

No. 10 – Meizu
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

The company Meizu first debuted on the market for music players where released a series of successful and distinctive solutions and only then began to conquer the segment of mobile devices. Her first gadget was the model of the Meizu M8. The device was so much like the Apple products that the progenitors of iPhones have long sought ways to prevent the implementation of this model. From the latest models from Meizu that things are better, but the similarity is still observed. It is used in the interface of the original shell FlyMe.

In 2018-2019, the company managed to produce several good solutions, such as Meizu 15 and its variations Meizu and Meizu 15 Plus 15 Plus Lite and the Meizu 16th, but to lead our top smartphone manufacturers, this is clearly not enough. Given that every new gadget the company is getting more interesting, we can expect that next year in the same rating she takes the higher ground.

No. 9 – ASUS
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

If recently popular ASUS produced mainly low-cost smartphones that were designed for undemanding users, but now the situation has changed in her Arsenal you can find solutions that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning of geeks. The focus of the developer is paying its own product line ZenFone, which in 2014 received the prestigious award in the field of design.

In 2019-2019 year’s most interesting smartphone was Asus ROG Phone running on overclocked Snapdragon chipset 845. The solution is positioned as the best option for gamers – for them, the model can offer not only a powerful processor, but also a modern cooling system with evaporative camera and cool gaming accessories.

No. 8 – ZTE
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

ZTE, like many others in our ranking, a native of China. In addition to the development of smartphones, it is engaged in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment on the market occupies one of the leading lines. In the field of mobile devices, she is doing much worse. The company’s products are represented by three main lines – Axon, which consists of flagships, Blade for those who have a modest budget, and Z for young people.

In 2014, ZTE has decided to change its policy and reduce the number of produced gadgets, so 2019-2019 year on account of its not many good solutions. The best can be called ZTE Blade A7 Vita – budget-with facial recognition technology and smart Snapdragon 425 on Board.

No. 7 – LG
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

One time, LG was one of the leaders of the smartphone market, but under pressure from Samsung and Chinese companies in recent years lost its position. The developer does not get to compete either in the segment of budget decisions, nor in the flagship. The number of buyers has not decreased to the critical values, but every year they are less.

Particularly hard for Korean companies are flagships. If G3, released in 2014 was successful, then all his followers so can not boast. In 2018-2019 the developer released the LG ThinQ G7, which even before the announcement so didn’t like the bosses of the company that it had to be redone from scratch. The result was a good solution with slim body bright display and loud sound, however the user that was not enough, which is reflected in sales statistics gadget.

No. 6 – SONY
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

Despite the fact that the range is quite wide, every year the market share of SONY is reduced. Given that the last budget line L1 is not gained user popularity, even as the middle class XA, although the company has made a huge bet, she will have to reconsider its policy, not then next year the situation will become even worse. The right solution for SONY would be the refusal to issue models for all price segments. Instead, it should focus on top-level solutions and production components. Even though the company is going through a crisis, but its optical image sensors are one of the benchmarks in the market.

The main disadvantage of SONY products – conservatism. It is not even about the original angular design, which, though outdated, but gives the product identity, and the unwillingness to set a smartphone more capacious battery. If she is trying to save money, the decision is clearly wrong. Confirmation of these words – statistics of sales of smartphones and the reviews on them, most of the negative, just focus on autonomy.

No. 5 – Xiaomi
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

Fifth place in our ranking of the best manufacturers of smartphones, Xiaomi is a brand from China. This is one of the fastest growing developers in the market. Over the past five years market share increased by 5%. If hypothetically predict the growth of the company in the near future it could become the most popular on the market. However, the main obstacle to this is the lack of its own processor flagship level. Of all Chinese developers so can only boast Huawei. Remarkably, among all the brands from China in our ranking it occupies the highest position.

Xiaomi is slowly beginning to solve the problem. At the beginning of last year, it introduced its own processor S1 Surge, but because of the fact that he created a legacy 28-nm process technology it cannot be installed even in a middle-end solution, not to mention the flagship. Later came an update in the form of Surge S2 created on 16-nm process technology, but competitors had already mastered the 10-nm technology. In 2018-2019 year will see a Surge S3 chipset, which is going to be made for 7-nm process. It is likely that the company will become even more popular.

In 2018-2019 Xiaomi has released some good smartphones. Chief among them is the flagship Xiaomi Mi8 with AMOLED-display, Snapdragon processor 845 on Board and a camera with optical stabilization and an intelligent color correction.

No. 4 – Oppo / Vivo

Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 yearFew people know, but the company Oppo and Vivo belong to the developer, BBK Electronics. Yes, the same one that created the popular video players. If they were focused on the domestic market, the smartphone OPPO was created to meet the preferences of Americans. That is why in Russia they are not as popular as in the United States. In the Arsenal of the brand is not a lot of models, but almost each of them is equipped with a unique design and innovative features. For example – Oppo Find X, the smartphone has an unusual drawer with a front-facing camera.

Products Vivo leads to a similar policy, except that its smartphones are targeted at the Asian market. However, in recent years, the appetite of the developer has increased and now he is actively promoting their products with us. It should be noted that under the auspices Vivo has released the first mobile phone with a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. Lines the brand a little – Y is responsible for budget decisions, X for a particularly thin, Xplay for productive Xshot for camera and V for the middle class. The most interesting decision released in 2018-2019 year was Vivo’s Nex, which has a retractable mechanism with a camera.

No. 3 – Huawei
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

In the second quarter of the 2018-2019 year, the company ranked second in terms of market share, ahead of Apple. It was the occasion for a statement by one of the top managers of Huawei, who promised that next year the brand will bypass the «Apple» company in all four quarters, and even Samsung will leave behind. These words do not look unfounded. No one brand in the market there is such a wide range, like Huawei. The very top is the line Mate, which this year was supplemented by a good Mate smartphone Mate 20 Pro and 20. A step below is located the model number P, which is adjacent to the sub-brand Honor. The strengths of the first are fotosmoralo, but the second is different, chic design and value for money and quality.

Fans of middle segment Huawei pampers line Nova, which this year has expanded. For buyers with a modest amount of the purse is, products manufactured under the model number Y. It does not represent anything especial – the usual workhorses.

No. 2 – Samsung
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

Second place in the world rankings is Samsung. In 2018-2019 the company has passed and even its leaders admitted that the brand is going through hard times. However, this happens even with the best players, which the developer and the last few years. Premium Samsung smartphones out in the framework of the model series and Note S. the Smartphones of both collections are equipped with high-quality AMOLED displays and powerful hardware, which at the moment, there are no barriers. The main difference between them is that gadgets the Note is sharpened by a touch pen and have a larger display.

There is a line of Galaxy A. the Emphasis in its representatives is fotosmoralo, confirmation of these words is the latest model of the family, equipped with four rear chambers. For users with modest needs have smartphones family J. the Bet is made on practicality.

No. 1 – Apple
Top smartphone manufacturers the 2018-2019 year

Distinctive design, their own OS and processor, high quality build and a wide app store – all this makes «zablokowany» present standard and to role model the past few years. Not going to say which model is the best not to inflame the review war, but say that the durability of each can only envy. Even now you can meet people from the «fifth» or «sixth» iPhone, although officially they are not sold.

The latest generation of iPhones buyers were met ambiguously. According to them nothing really significant and radical they are not, and the price is too high. However, to refute the fact that the iPhone XS iPhone XS or Max are exemplary leaders is impossible. Here and huge frameless display and excellent fotosmoralo and filling, which is enough for two or three years at least. This year Apple has decided to please fans of budget decisions an iPhone Xr. The fact that the cost of it as a full-fledged Chinese leader «Apple» company does not care.