IPhone XR best single camera according to DxOMark

IPhone XR best single camera according to DxOMark


IPhone XR best single camera according to DxOMarkThough iPhone and sold by XR for quite a long time, only now experts from DxOMark could appreciate his camera. The device was tested in different conditions of shooting and the verdict of the experts is quite interesting.

iPhone XR is one of the three smartphones Apple unveiled this fall. As the other two models, it is equipped with a top processor A12 Bionic, the screen with the cutout for the front camera and Face ID technology. But there is also one important difference is that a single main camera. It would seem that the photo quality from this should be worse, but it’s not.

IPhone XR best single camera according to DxOMarkAs stated by the experts DxOMark, this smartphone takes pictures better than any other device with a single camera. The results of testing iPhone XR scored a whopping 103 points. As for video, there’s a score of 96 points. Final score – 101 points. This is more than the scored Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Xiaomi Mi 8, Google Pixel 2 iPhone X.

The experts noted that the definition of exposure in any conditions, a fairly wide dynamic range, good white balance and good system autofocus. There are also disadvantages. To them is attributed the errors of the algorithms for portraits, the loss of quality when you zoom in not quite the correct operation of the HDR.