Apple will introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cards

Apple will introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cards


Apple will introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cardsApple is one of the most successful manufacturers of smartphones in the world, the products of this company is incredibly popular and often sets trends all over the market of mobile devices. However, despite all the innovation, for 10 years of his life in the iPhone never showed the ability to use two SIM cards simultaneously, although Android smartphones such long become the standard. But times change, and Apple has decided to depart from the principle of one device, one SIM card, and by the end of this year «Apple» the company needs to introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cards.

Apple will introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cardsThe reasons why Apple consistently equip their smartphones with only one «Simcoe» is obviously not technological plan if the implementation of such a simple function handle even small Chinese companies, it is definitely not a problem for a mega Corporation that is Apple. Just products of the brand focuses primarily on the American market, and with the peculiarities of mobile communications in America a few SIM cards do not need even business. You can not say about people from Europe, Russia and China.

The first «Apple» smartphone with support for 2 SIM-cards will go on sale by the end of this year, reported by the authoritative edition of 21st Century Business Herald. With high probability, this smartphone will be a brand new model of the iPhone and probably also the most expensive. It is not the fact that the new iPhone will be available for purchase worldwide. While we are talking about sales in one country — China, but about the rest of the international market no data, and Apple to disclose their plans are not in a hurry.

Apple will introduce an iPhone with two SIM-cardsIt is important to note that the implementation of the second SIM card in the new smartphone will be different from how it usually happens in Android devices. So in the last slot for the second SIM card is also a slot for memory cards format microSD, and the owner can always choose whether he needs an extra touch or an extra place for files. In the updated iPhone this is not worth waiting — this is contrary to the belief of Apple that the user must determine the necessary amount of memory available to purchase.

The opportunity to finally to insert into iPhone 2 SIM cards and is not limited to, one will clearly appeal to fans of «Apple» technique, which live outside of America. By the end of the year, the owners of the new iPhone will be available the services of two mobile operators, with 4G LTE too. iPhone allows the owner to choose «SIM card» for access to the Internet and for calls by default. Perhaps more information about the features of the new Apple device will be able to extract from the data the new version of the iOS operating system 12, which is already available to everyone in the test mode.

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