Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tablets

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tablets


Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe release of the new tablet from Apple was not normal. It passed without fanfare, high-profile presentations and a long wait with the injection of passion by marketers – all took place quietly and calmly. That the market will be a new IPad, known only to dedicated fans of the company.

iPad 2017, a review of which is presented in today’s article, highlighted the extremely low cost compared to other Apple products. Now this is the cheapest tablet of the company from Cupertino. How is it different from previous generations? The response below.
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Price and key features

The new model of iPad has not received significant technical innovations and just a step from the previous generation tablets. However, all claims to the device settings disappear on the background rates. Buy an iPad 2017 is 25 000 rubles, while it is the most affordable iOS tablet on the market.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsSpecifications:

• display: 9.7” IPS 2048*1536 px (264 dpi) ;
• processor: Apple A9 (1.85 GHz) + video accelerator PowerVR GT7600;
• RAM: 2 GB;
• internal memory: 32/128 GB;
• camera: primary – 8 MP, front – 1.2 MP;
• communication: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, GPS / A-GPS, GLONASS, optional 3G / 4G LTE;
• battery: Li-polymer, 32.9 W·h;
• Dimensions: 240 × 170× 7.5 mm;
• Weight: 478 g.

The new device uses the A9 processor without the prefix X in the end. He’s a little weaker than the flagship models in the lineup. The maximum amount of memory, the limit is 128 GB. All this is equipped with a fairly capacious battery. Considering the price, 2017 iPad could be a serious competitor to the flagship iPad Pro with the same diagonal screen.

Equipment and appearance

Without the introduction of new technical chips should not have expected from Apple much imagination in the design of the box tablet. iPad Packed in identical past generations of the cardboard box with the brand Appleskin design.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe set of components also suffered no change, in addition to the device inside you can find:

• The charging unit;
• Lightning Cable;
• The Smart Accessory Cover;
• A paper clip to unlock the SIM card tray;
• Documentation.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsAbout the design of the tablet, as its name implies. Externally it is the most common iPad, which resembles the iPad Air 2 and does not differ from its previous version. However, it does not fit the definition of obsolete design, the new iPad rather more simple. Simple but stylish, and claims to quality of production no.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe only accessory is the Smart Cover. It is available in five colors: dark blue, pink, white, charcoal grey and red. To device, also fit the covers from past generations. The tablet has three versions of colorings silver, gold and space grey.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsDespite its simplicity, the iPad holds all necessary to a standard user functionality. Under a 9.7-inch display you can find the Home button with integrated fingerprint scanners. This tablet coincides with the older model Pro.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe state has some its own characteristics. Here speakers are located only on the bottom edge. They are built under the perforations around the Lightning connector.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsOn the right, two volume buttons. In version Wi-Fi + Cellular at the bottom there is a connector under the SIM card. The tablet is also equipped with a virtual SIM cards, which is very convenient to travel. Just choose the operator and pay the corresponding fare.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe left side of the iPad free from functional elements. Unit is not compatible with klaviaturas Smart Keyboard, as there is no corresponding connector.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe power button and 3.5-mm connector for headphones is located on. In more expensive versions there’s a small plastic insert that covers the antenna.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsBack the traditional logo of a bitten Apple plus lens 8-megapixel main camera. By the way, the camera does not protrude above the enclosure and does not have a flash.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsOverall, the iPad is an exact copy of the case of the first generation tablets from Apple. In the new model except that now indispensable integrated fingerprint scanner and slightly pulled hardware platform under the modern level of requirements. The device completely performs the function of a simple, cheap and reliable instrument without excessive glare.


Technical characteristics of the iPad screen do not differ from Air 2. The same resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels stretched on the same diagonal 9.7 inches. Pixel density of 294 per inch. There is a function Night Shift for the automatic adjustment of the screen image.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsbranded iPad includes a Retina display. Glass screen is scratch-resistant and coated with an oleophobic layer. The maximum brightness is 500 CD/m2, together with excellent anti-reflective properties that’s enough for comfortable use of the device in direct sunlight. In the dark the tablet due to the low level of minimum brightness is not blinding, allowing you to read the text without harm to the eye.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThe quality of picture display iPad slightly not up to flagship models, but a normal user is unlikely to notice the differences only become apparent in direct comparison of the two models. At the maximum viewing angles, the screen does not reverse and does not distort colors. Automatic brightness control works correctly even when abrupt changes in ambient lighting.


16-nanometer Apple A9 processor works with a maximum frequency of 1.85 GHz. The hardware platform also includes GPU PowerVR GT7600 and 2 gigabytes of RAM.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThis configuration of the chipset have already been used in the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. Previously, this processor of Apple has not been used on the tablet market. It pushes a little bit behind flagship models Pro, but shows satisfactory results in tests and in practice.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsFor testing the graphics accelerator was used 3DMark. As can be seen from the results, the iPad lags behind the Pro version, but it is far ahead of the second-generation tablets from Apple.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsBased on these data it can be argued that the power capacity of the device is enough to perform most daily tasks. He’ll be fine with almost all games, advanced 3D graphics and processing of large data sets. OS devices presented to the tenth version of iOS.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsA heavy load causes slight heating in the right side of the iPad. It was there under the building there is a processor that during the active work adds a few degrees of temperature. However, heating is not critical, after a few hours the metal surface of the case reaches v38 degrees Celsius, and that’s not much. Similar indicators are observed in Air 2 and Pro.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsFor fans of watching movies on your tablet we still recommend you to choose the version with 128 GB of internal memory. In all other cases, the data storage can be entrusted to iCloud.


8-megapixel main camera supports auto focus, Live Photos, HDR and focus with one touch on the display. Unlike the flagship models, iPad are not able to record videos in 4K as well as remove the Slow-mo with a frequency of 240 frames per second (available only in 120 fps). There is optical stabilization, the possibility of panoramic shooting and the freeze frame buttons on the right side of the tablet.

Examples of photos:

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tablets Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tablets Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsReceived frames is slightly not up to the level of the Pro version in detail. On future plans especially evident slight blur. If you remove the traffic, the cars will be hard to see. But iPad know 2017 a measure in the software of the sharpness of the picture, soft tablet, do not bend the artificial image sharpening and overall pictures look nice.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsFront-facing 1.2-megapixel camera, though has a smaller resolution, it can show good results in the right lighting. Alas, the conversation in Skype without normal light making your face almost indistinguishable, as the flash on the selfie camera is not here.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsOverall, the camera of the device is not subjected to significant savings. Yes, there is no 4K, but such permission is in principle no need for a budget device. Apple has managed to achieve the Golden mean between price and quality the photosensors iPad.

Speaker sound quality

The location of the two speakers is pretty good, they are difficult to block in portrait and landscape mode. The sound quality is good. Distortion at any frequency is practically absent.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsUnlike the iPad Pro, there is no stereo sound. Volume tablet is quite enough for comfortable viewing of movies or listening to music. Use the brand of wireless headphones allows the AirPods do not remove the tablet from the bag while playing tracks.


But the budget autonomy of the iPad is far superior to even top the «Apple» model. In normal reading with a couple hours of Internet, the tablet lasted almost 16 hours on a single charge. The battery is dead three hours earlier, after several hours of games.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsThis contributes to the economical efficiency on the part of the power consumption of the processor and proper optimization of the software. This is the most «survivable» tablet from Apple in the market.

Communications and the Internet

The iPad version with support for LTE will cost almost half as much. This instance is able to work in all available LTE bands, and supports «hot» replacement SIM-card.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsAlso, the number of opportunities included orientation by GPS/A-GPS, support and GLONASS Apple Pay via the NFC chip. Problems with wireless Internet or communication in the operation of iPad 2017 was observed.

Video review Apple iPad 2017

Competitors conclusion


• Low cost;
• Great autonomy;
• Touch ID;
• The availability of NFC chip.


• Poor performance against the backdrop of flagship models;
• Mediocre front camera.

Apple is almost always a synonym of quality and reliability. But if you want a minimal set of functions, and to pay for the extra functions do not want? For this purpose, and the iPad was released 2017. This is a simple «workhorse» that has a full set of everything, but not worth crazy money.

Browse iPad 2017 – affordable Android tabletsHaving a price of 25 000 rubles for the 32 GB version of the iPad that 2017 is the most affordable Apple tablet. The model is perfect for people, first time dealing with Apple devices. The cupertinos have managed to achieve a perfect balance between price and quality. Step of Apple’s release of iPad 2017 can be considered very successful, because the novelty will be able to compete on price with many Android tablets, and with relatively equal to the value of the name Apple company will do the job.