Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019…

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019…


Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Requirements of the elderly for mobile devices are fundamentally different from the needs of the younger generation. They are not important the amount of RAM, the presence of NFC module and similar stuff. Importantly, the screen is large and readable, and the phone itself is reliable and easy to operate.

We offer you the ranking, which presents the best smartphones for older people. We consider 20 different phones, each of which are ideal for retirees.


Just5 BRICK is a typical dialer with big buttons and simplified controls, but the design of this phone makes it special. The smartphone is made in a rectangular case, without rounded corners, sits in the hand like a glove and feels like a small bar.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Battery lasts for 3-4 days of use, call quality is great. The only problem may be not the biggest screen is just 1.77 inches, so this mobile is poorly suited to people with poor eyesight. The cost is about 3 thousand rubles.

Philips Xenium E311

Range from Philips Xenium known for his Autonomous work, on a single charge the phone can stay about a week in a conversational mode. Not disappoint, and the E311, which has everything you need – big and comfortable buttons, great display, flashlight, radio and loud speaker, which is heard well even in public transport.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Useful is and the presence of a SOS button, which is used to quickly call a given number. Xenium E311 even equipped with a camera, but the sensor is 0.3 MP is more for show than for actual use. Overall, this is a good smartphone from a trusted manufacturer that you can buy for 5 thousand rubles.

ONEXT Care-Phone 5

Care-Phone 5 is focused on seniors with bad eyesight, in addition to large buttons and bright screen with large fonts, it is equipped with voice confirmation, follow the prompts which smartphone you can control literally blind.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Also there is a SOS button which, when pressed, the cell can not only dial the specified number, but to emit a loud siren, attracting the attention of other people. Among the advantages of this model note and the low price of just 1,800 rubles.

teXet TM-B116

teXet is a Russian company that sells assembled in China phones under its own brand. TM-B116 turned out to be rather ambiguous, in addition to the standard set for the elderly – large buttons and screen, it does have some luxuries (you can use flash, Bluetooth), but the manufacturer installed in the smartphone weak battery is only 600 mAh, which lasts on average 2 days use.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Recommend teXet TM-B116 can not only seniors, but also anyone who wants to buy a simple and inexpensive (1900 RUB) phone that can be used as a MP3 player for listening to music with headphones.

BQ BQM — 2800 Alexandria

For lovers of stylish things recommend BQM — 2800, this classic push-button telephone, which is available in 9 colours. In addition to the beautiful appearance of part boasts a large and high-quality display with a diagonal of 2.8’, a slot under the drive battery 1000 mAh and a radio.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...It costs only 1200 rubles, for the money this is the best option in terms of functionality. However, because the standard buttons BQM — 2800 will not be the best choice for people with poor eyesight.

Fly FF246

Fly FF246 – reliable machine, perfect for older persons versed in the art. It supports memory cards can work with two SIM has a 0.3 MP camera, radio and air interface Bluetoot A2DP, which allows you to connect to the phone wireless headset (very useful for drivers).

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The only disadvantage of this model is called unstable build quality – several people left reviews that the phone creaks when pressed, but these are isolated cases. The price is 1600 rubles.

Micromax X649

Micromax is an Indian manufacturer that produces good smartphones at affordable prices. H649 classic knopochek with bright screen, loud speaker, 2 slots for SIM-cards, a flashlight and an excellent network connection. The main advantage is the powerful battery with 1800 mAh, which is enough for a week of use.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Disadvantages – the inability to make large font on the screen and limited phone book, the contact can be assigned only one number. Is H649 average of 1700 rubles, for people with poor eyesight to take it is not necessary, in all other cases, the phone will be good.


KENEKSI K6 – button phone with good multimedia features. K6 works is equipped with a 2.4 inch display, slot for a USB flash drive, MP3 player and radio, has a camera on 0.3 MP and 3.5 mm Jack for headphones.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Function dialer K6 performs excellent, not to carp, as well as to the volume of the earpiece. The unit fits perfectly in the hand and has a durable, rugged housing. For 1500 roubles it is an excellent choice.


FAMOUS is the smartphone with a pleasant appearance and a larger screen at 2.8” and a die hard battery on 1600 mAh. The phone is made up of high quality plastic, it is pleasant to the touch. The menu is intuitive, with control no problem to understand even the elderly, when the number is displayed large, legible numbers.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...H800 equipped with a loud speaker in it, you can put the memory card and connect your headphones that come in the kit. Critical disadvantage is that when removing the battery reset the date and time, and they need to be re-configured. Price – 1700 rubles.


One more smart phone from FAMOUS in our ranking. This device is positioned as a fashion solution, it is solidly assembled and looks solid, has a big 2.8 inch screen and a capacious battery. Advantage radio, USB flash drive, Kamena 1.2 MP, loud speaker.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...However, there are drawbacks. First, a very small microphone, your caller might not hear you, if the conversation occurs in a noisy place. The second is the inability to program the contact in the speed dial. The price is 1900 rubles.

Oysters Sochi

Oysters Sochi smartphone from domestic manufacturer. First and foremost, the device is interesting in its appearance, it is made in a thin casing of rectangular shape with metal back cover. Phone in black color will definitely appeal to men, while the white version will look perfect in women’s hands.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The strengths of Oysters Sochi is a large, well visible screen, loud speaker, big and easy button set. The disadvantages include inconvenient address book, the contact name may not be longer than 10 characters, and a weak battery 900 mAh. Price – 1800 rubles.

Fly FF301

This unit has excellent functionality for your money. Here and the camera is 1.3 MP, which is not just for show, and could make a legible photo of the text, and 2 SIM, flash drive, mobile Internet. Fly FF301 the largest screen among all members of our rating, its diagonal is equal to 3” when the font menu are configured to really giant sizes.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The autonomy of the Fly FF301 also good, the phone lasts for 3 full days. To find fault with this model only because of an ill-conceived design of the main speaker is located on back side of the case, and if the smartphone put the back cover on the bottom, the speaker volume is greatly reduced. Price – from 2000 rubles.

Alcatel One Touch 2007D

One Touch 2007D – phone with the best camera in its price range, its resolution is 3MP, which allows you to make really good photos. The phone has excellent ergonomics and fits in the hand, the dial button and the display also not satisfactory – the font and menu icons on the screen are large, well readable.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Upsets in the Alcatel One Touch but the absence of a flashlight and a battery capacity which is only 750 mAh (can charge the phone will have every 2 days). Price – 2300 rubles.

Alcatel 2008G

Alcatel – specially designed for the elderly telephone, which we consider to be one of the best in this set. This unit is great in everything he’s got huge buttons and large display, good call quality and loud speaker, die hard battery of 1400 mAh, there is a camera of 2 MP and the ability to use the mobile Internet.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The smartphone is about 2100 rubles, it is not the cheapest option, but the needs of any pensioner it will meet with interest. And in terms of reliability and quality cell phones from well-known brands superior phones from small Chinese manufacturers.

Alcatel OT — 2004C

OT — 2004C – an upgraded version of previously considered models in which the manufacturer has added multimedia capabilities. In this unit there is a layer under the memory cards up to 16GB, it also plays audio files in MP3 format.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...You can use the phone as a pocket player for listening to radio, music or audiobooks. In all other respects this is a standard phone for seniors with large buttons and a good display. Price – 2400 rubles.

Nokia 215 Dual Sim

Push button phone from the once-popular Nokia that differs from merely bright colors of the housing. 215-Aya model turned out to be quite controversial, it supports 2 SIM cards, has a large battery and good display. However, the fonts on the display remain small even when enabled in settings, maximum size, which can recommend it to people with low vision is impossible.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The bottom line the Nokia 215 is a reliable and handy phone, which with careful use will last for years. Price – from 2000 rubles.

Nokia 222

Analogue 2150-model with the presence of multimedia features. There is a slot under a flash card, earphone Jack, radio, Bluetooth, camera 2 MP, video playback, and MP3 files. Phone nimble enough and pleasant to use.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...Among the shortcomings note the weak functionality of the phone book (limit the length of names, one number for a contact) and somewhat overpriced. The price of Nokia 222 starts from 3500 rubles, but the phones with such features from other manufacturers are, on average, a thousand cheaper.

Samsung Metro B350E

B350E, with the exception of design, you can take a full analogue of Nokia 222. These devices have identical features and functionality, small differences in favor of Samsung is a high capacity battery, more convenient interface and lack of silly restrictions in the phone book. Current price B350E is 4 thousand rubles, which is, again, unnecessarily expensive.

Best phones for seniors with big buttons and screen 2018-2019...The rating, which we presented to you the best phones for the elderly with big buttons and screen in 2016, is coming to an end. Correct selection and good shopping!